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Frequently Asked Questions


If my order contains a Pre-Order title, will my other titles be delayed?

When we receive orders containing pre-order titles, we treat the titles that have been released as a separate order. If your order contained 8 titles and 1 was a pre-order, we'd ship the 7 released titles as quickly as we can, and then ship the pre-order once released.

I would like you to price match a product, is this something you would do?

No. Our prices are generated based on our costs and what was agreed with our suppliers. Though our prices do fluctuate, we do not price match upon request.

Why are the used titles not graded?

We are a small team, and we process thousands of titles each day. Our used titles are purchased in bulk from wholesalers. We simply do not have the time, resources or manpower to grade and photograph each title.

Can you guarantee the used titles I order will be almost as new?

We do not guarantee this. Used titles are sold as used. Should you desire your titles to arrive in excellent condition for display etc, please order new copies.

What should I do if my order is not shipped within the estimated dispatch time?

We apologize if your order experiences a delay in processing. Rest assured that we are actively working on fulfilling your order and will dispatch it as soon as possible. Generally, any delays encountered are usually within a 24-hour period. If you prefer to cancel your order and find an alternative source, please get in touch with us.

What should I do if my shipment is overdue?

If it has been 15 working days (25 for non-UK customers) since the point of dispatch and you haven't received your goods, we will verify the delivery address with you. In such cases, we typically proceed by either sending a replacement shipment or issuing a refund.

If I have pre-order books and available books on the same order when will these ship?

We will ship all available orders in the normal time (as in if the books are described as "Usually dispatched within 3 working days" we expect to ship within 3 working days). We will ship pre-ordered titles upon release.

If I order one book described as "Usually dispatched within 2 working days" and on the same order one book described as "Usually dispatched within 6 working days" when should I expect shipment?

We will hold the order until both books are in stock, so in this example 6 working days. 

Can I collect my order from your warehouse?

We apologize, but we operate solely as an internet trading platform.

Do you guarantee delivery by a specific date?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a guarantee of delivery by a particular date. We ship to over 100 countries using various carriers, making it challenging to ensure precise delivery timeframes.

I have a coupon code but it's not working?

Coupon codes on our website only work when the currency displayed is in GBP (Great British Pounds) - to use the coupon please alter the currency selected to GBP.

Is it possible to place an order by phone?

We regret to inform you that phone orders are not available.

Are all items kept in stock?

Not all items are held in stock. While our warehouse houses over £900,000 worth of inventory, it would require a significantly higher investment to have every item available for sale on our site. We place daily orders with over 100 publishers and wholesalers, who usually deliver to us the following day. Please note that if you place a larger order, the delivery time frame may slightly increase as we may need to source titles from multiple suppliers. This model is followed by most online booksellers.

I've never ordered from you before. Is it safe?

Rest assured, it is safe to order from us, and we guarantee a secure transaction. Since our company's establishment in 2005, we have successfully processed approximately 18,000,000 orders. Our location is in Southport, UK. Additionally our Trustpilot reviews can be checked here: Trustpilot